Certified Loose Diamonds

A diamond is said to be the best friend of every woman. But do you know that before it reaches to you in the form of ring, pendant or ear stud, it comes off the polishing wheel, finished and categorized. Due to the increased selection process, the buyers also get the scope to purchase higher quality diamonds every time. At Buy Diamond Direct, you can only expect to get the highest quality diamonds with higher markups that are certified by the reputable Gemological laboratories. Besides, at this company, all the quality levels are represented from flawless to moderate and within the competitive rates.
We are well known for providing GIA certified loose diamonds; we also offer diamonds that are certified by other leading gemological labs. Following are Gemological Labs where our diamonds are certified.

  • GIA Certified Loose Diamonds – At (G.I.A) Gemological Institute of America, researchers use some powerful tools to judge the distinctive characteristics of the treated, synthetic and natural diamonds.
  • EGL Certified Loose Diamonds - At (E.G.L) European Gemological Laboratories gemological Report offers a clear and concise view of every piece of diamond. Therefore, this report works much more than a document. Rather, this report can be considered to be the final step in the exceptional procedure of choosing the best diamond.
  • IGI Certified Loose Diamonds – (I.G.I) International Gemological Institute is the most trusted name for the impartial and expert certification of the diamonds and other precious gemstones. The IGI Certificate precisely discloses all the details of every diamond it accompanies, while offering confidence to both the buyers and the sellers.
  • AGS Certified Loose Diamonds - (A.G.S) American Gem Society is one of the reputable gemological laboratories that make it really safer and easier to purchase the diamond of every shape and size. So, if you are purchasing diamonds for the first time and know a little about the cut and clarity of the diamond, then this lab can assist you and protect you so that you can make an informed choice.

As transaction of diamonds is now possible through Internet, so Buy Diamond Direct offers the buyers the ability to access and purchase the certified loose diamonds from this site. Besides, as we are the diamond cutters, so we always eliminate the middlemen to help the buyers save money without sacrificing the assurance of quality. So, if you are in search of GIA certified loose diamonds, then look no lesser than Buy Diamond Direct.